Launching your blog or writing project (like a boss)

Do you have an interest in launching a blog or other writing project?

If so, I’ve got your back (well, I’ve got your back even if you don’t).

Lately, I’ve been having some mind-blowing conversations with a friend about the little stuff in life, like the fabric of the universe, the illusory nature of time, and the slippery concept of free will (does it exist?).

And the whole time, I’m thinking: “This guy needs to write a blog. I’d read his blog every day, and my life would be better for it.”

You do not have to write about existence and philosophy to be interesting.

Maybe food is your thing. Or animal rights. Relationships, family, child advocacy, arts and crafts.

Maybe you’re an expert on board games, Batman, or underwater basket weaving.

Whatever you’re into, there are people out there who would read your stuff and have better lives for it.

When you put yourself out there authentically, you attract meaningful interactions, relationships, and experiences. Experiences that speak to who you truly are and validate what you’re all about.

Just as importantly, you validate others with your self-expression and help people to feel less alone in their lives.

There is a palpable awe in the realization of connection where once was a sense of isolation.

“But I can’t write,” some people say.

Yes, you can.

Look. Words are made up. We invented them, to express our thoughts.

Grammar is not a universal law like gravity. It’s a human law, like no jaywalking.

People get so hung up on grammar and style.

But what’s important isn’t how perfect or flawed your writing technique is. The important part is expressing yourself.

When I worked as a writing tutor, I connected with a lot of students who struggled with English and beat themselves up endlessly about their writing.

Most of them probably didn’t fully realize my awe and respect for what they were going through. My job was to help them tell their stories, and their stories changed my life.

It didn’t matter to me if their commas were in the right places. Or if they used the right there/their/they’re. Or if they misused words. All of that can be refined over time.

Most people reading this right now probably don’t struggle with writing nearly as much as those students did. Maybe you do, though.

Point being, those students (some of which had started learning English mere months before meeting me) impacted me immensely just by doing the best they could.

You can and will impact others immensely, just by doing the best you can.

There are people who will read your writing and say, “Thank you. You’ve inspired me to give writing a shot. I never knew this was an option, but you showed me how. Look, I built you a shrine in my bedroom. Oops, is that too much?”

So if you want to gear up and do this, let’s go.

I’m in the process of launching a writer coaching program, which you can read more about and sign up for here:

Writer Coaching

(Early adopters pay by donation, and I won’t judge you if you pay $0)

Also, I’d be happy to consult you every step of the way on getting your site set up, designed, and ready to go.

If you purchase any hosting plan from A2 Hosting through this link, I’ll help you get your site set up for free and hook you up with some knowledge and tools to help ensure a smooth and prolific experience.

Here’s an article about A2 Hosting, and why I can provide those services for free (it’s because of the affiliate program).

Or, just ignore all this and find your own way (though I would highly appreciate your support as I build this writer coaching and consulting business).

Regardless, please keep in touch. I’ll read your writing, I’ll share your links, and I am in your corner ’till the very end and beyond.

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