Man Periods

(Part 22 in a 30 part series on sexuality.)

Men get periods too.

I know it isn’t the same as for women.

Men can’t quite feasibly comprehend the physical hardship of having a body that bleeds itself out every month. Many men don’t even try to imagine, but they should.

“I know what cramps are like, I’ve been kicked in the nuts,” doesn’t count as empathy.

Imagine if men had to buy masculine hygiene products to stick up their cocks or cover the hole, to absorb the impending blood fountain.

Dudes would lose their shit.

I almost wish our penises leaked blood every month, just so I could see delightful horror.

Women, I love you. Your trials are not lost on me. You’re warriors and you deserve endless acknowledgement.

Even still, men get periods too.

In a sense. As established, it’s not the same.

But it is highly interesting to me.

I’m not only referring to monthly hormone cycles, although that’s one way of looking at it.

I’m referring to an intriguing phenomenon in which I experience mood cycles in sync with that of women that I’ve bonded with.

It’s probably common knowledge that groups of women in close physical or emotional proximity have been known to have synchronized menstruation periods.

Well, I’ve been close with several ladies who I’d experience hormonal imbalances and disturbances with, even over long distances.

I first noticed this with an old friend of mine, Carlotta. I’d find myself in crazy and inexplicable moods, and then Carlotta would tell me she was having her period.

Funny joke at first but after a while it got to the point where I’d find myself feeling awful out of seemingly nowhere, so I’d ask Carlotta: “Is it time?”

“Yes, dammit,” she’d bemoaningly report.

It’s happened with other women too.

Before it sounds like I can blame my bad moods on women, let’s turn it around.

Maybe the bad mood starts with the man and it impacts the woman so badly that her body cries out and literally starts bleeding?

Get your hormones under control, men. Seriously. Geez.

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