My Body and I

My body and I

we’ve seen some shit

We took some hits

We had our fix

This body and I

We’ve come so far

We’re superstars

when we eat candy bars

I’ve hated and maimed

in ultimate shame

rolls and boobs the same

Self-loathing non-contained

But then, but then, I learned to love

all my folds and flab

Like olive branches from a dove

after some fucking endless flood

And then, and then, I lost all the weight

went out on lots of dates

looking for the perfect mate

was better off in masturbate

Deprivation became my rhythm

Over-exertion all the time

Tequila, baby, omit lime

Against myself I did crimes

Even as a bag of skin and bones

I hated what the mirror shone

A phantom of an obese clone

with my demons I was all alone

By the time I put on some pounds

I finally felt thin all around

My flab returned but I felt sexiest in all the land

Can’t you see how much I was just a clown?

It’s a yo-yo, yo

Yo-yo, yo-yo-yo, yo

Oh nooooo


Now days my Buddha belly reigns supreme

I’ve got titles that for a man might be extreme

But I’m a porn star in my own dreams

I wanna clone myself so I can… well, I’ll let you guess what I mean

The body image shit just has to end

I’ve come so far and now I will defend

the honor of those who fight to contend

to find and embrace beauty outside and in

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