My Crazy Friend Drew

By Ian Bulock, my dear friend and emerging creative genius who runs Green Glasses Productions and is co-mastermind of The AROD Show.

“I have this friend named Drew, and many people think he is totally out of his mind. I have been one of those people myself in the past and the reality is he may well be completely insane.

To most people this may be a reason to discount him as a person. To many people insanity is something we avoid or simply try not to think about. I believe this comes from our own fear that we ourselves are all quite insane.

The thing to keep in mind, however, is that we likely are all quite insane. We need not fear thoughts as thoughts themselves do not bring us harm. Exploring the crazy things that come in to our minds is what drives innovation and progress as a human race. Those who hide from their insanity end up being trapped in life, unable to see the world outside of the box that they have built around themselves.

Like I said, Drew may well be crazy, however this does not make him any less of a person. I personally do not think he is insane but I can see why other people would. If you spend your entire life avoiding things that do not seem normal to you then new ideas and ways of looking at things probably seem weird to you. I have known this particular man for a very long time (somewhere around 10 years) and I have seen the ups and downs of his life. I have seen him hitting rock bottom and I have seen him reaching levels of success in life normally reserved for those that feel they are “normal.”

Lately Drew has been going through some changes in his life and given that he has a past of making drastic life altering changes that have generally affected him negatively, many people are worried about the changes that he is going through now.

I too was worried about this when I first started seeing his Facebook posts spiral into apparent madness. However instead of totally discounting this man I have known for years, I decided to go and talk to him in person to find out what is going on. I am very glad I did this as when I met him at his house I found a version of Drew I had never seen before.

Despite the things he was saying that were not making complete sense to me, Drew was more confident and happy than I had seen him in years. While he may have some strange ideas I cannot see any harm in them at all. Sure, they do not conform with societal standards or interface well with what we perceive as reality but these ideas and thoughts seem to have stabilized a once troubled mind. His current view on the world seems to have helped Drew overcome many of the anxieties that have plagued him in the past and I could not be happier for him. With his new outlook on life Drew seems to have found the best version of himself that he can be. He continues daily to improve on this.

For those of you who have discarded Drew from your minds I do hope that this can make you take a second look at him. I think that if you give this man a chance he will surprise you like he has surprised me. Try not to let your preconceptions of sanity hold you back and open your mind to the possibility that alternate ways of thinking may very well be valid.

To Drew, keep rocking on man!”

Ian Bulock

Also published on Medium.