My Peaceful War on Internet Scammers

One of my passion projects as POTUS will be to eradicate the societal conditions which lead to people resorting to scam art to exploit and manipulate vulnerable populations.

At a future interval, I will release a comprehensive series of transcripts from conversations I’ve had with Internet scammers. I’ve delved deeply into studying the psychology of these people, understanding their methods, and learning to communicate with them in a way that sometimes gets them to open up and tell the truth.

The scale of this project is multi-faceted.

First, I want to equip vulnerable populations with the knowledge and tools to identify and protect themselves from scams.

Secondly, I’m developing a plan to work with cyber security experts and data specialists to track down those responsible for some of the cleverest, most nefarious scams out there. Once identified and located, these scammers will be given a chance to rectify the damages caused by their actions. If there is no compliance, they will face threat of prosecution.

The goal, however, is not punishment. The goal is reform.

Internet scammers hide behind anonymity, but even the most intelligent ones leave clues and fingerprints that can be identified with a combination of mental acuteness, technological innovation, networking, and creative problem-solving prowess.

I don’t hate scammers. I have no desire to make them suffer for their actions. What I want to offer them is an alternative to the life they have chosen, one of many alternate paths that removes the impetus to exploit and abuse others.

Together, let’s make a society where elderly populations are protected from malicious agism.

And where if an adult wants to go online and find someone in their city to have a consensual, safe sexual rendezvous with, they can do so easily and without being manipulated, harassed, or worse.

A society where we always know exactly what we’re signing up for, small print be damned.

We won’t purge this problem overnight, but as with anything, I believe the first step is to understand. To understand why it happens. To understand how to replace the need to exploit and abuse. To understand how to avoid being exploited and abused. Through these understandings, we can inch closer to the grand ideal.

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