My Political Identity

I was raised Republican.

From my teens until my late twenties, I didn’t care about politics.

When I finally started caring, I leaned far left.

Over the past few years, both wings strike me as way off the mark.

The more tunnel vision you have pertaining to your political ideals, the more you lose the plot.

Both sides can learn from one another, and not just from each other’s mistakes.

I’m on everyone’s side, technically. On the other side of that coin, everyone has taken turns disgusting me, too.

From what I’ve seen, the liberal media’s response to Kanye West in the White House is as dismissive and repulsive as it gets.

Maybe people just don’t understand how idiotic they look when they automatically hate on everything that they don’t have a preconceived affinity for.

If they’d actually listen, they’d hear the humanity in what they so easily dismiss. They’d witness the connective tissue that unites us all, beneath the surface.

Some people say that none of it matters, that it’s all just a phony stage production anyway, that our leaders are just puppets.

Whether or not that’s true is irrelevant to the point.

How you respond to what you believe is real, matters.

Even how you respond to fiction says a lot about you.

Every time the media blows up some story in our faces, it gives us an opportunity to see what we’re made of.

Those who refuse to see the validity in the other side of the spectrum they stand on, are those who are holding the world back. Even if they do it under the guise of social progress.

To see the validity in something is not to embrace it, to take it as your own. It’s simply to acknowledge that other people, often with intentions as pure as your own, have completely different perspectives than yourself.

Perspective is rarely equivalent with truth.

Perspectives change.

Think of what you knew to be true when you were younger, and compare the differences with what you believe to be true now.

If it changed repeatedly over the years as has been my experience, then what the hell makes you think that what you’re holding onto now is going to be your same disposition in the future?

Not everyone’s perceptions have changed as much as mine have, probably. I’ve bounced around so much, I can hardly keep up with myself. It’s a problem for me, actually, because I haven’t stayed dedicated to one path for long enough to see the fruits of my labor.

But this has shown me the fleeting nature of perspective, and that’s valuable.

I’m not a Democrat or a Republican anymore.

I’m a human being, and I want to build an inclusive world that works for everyone.

Which means my votes lean to the left, as long as we have such a trite and limited system.

But my soul leans towards every single one of you.

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