NAMASTE NEWS, volume one, issue one

In NAMASTE NEWS DIGEST, we’ll be reporting on a wide variety of topics. In fact, the broadest variety of topics there ever was, for Our interest is in Everything!

Feel free to send your in your submissions! We’re accepting your poetry, short stories, news reports, photographs, and indeed ALL forms of art and writing and creative expression.

All submissions will be compensated in the currency of abundant energetic exchange.

Now let’s get crackin’!

My loves! See that look on my face! I made it JUST FOR YOU!! Yep, you, the one reading this!!! And you made it for me, the one writing this!! You ever wonder why so many musicians and artists have said, “We hope you enjoy this art as much we we’ve enjoyed making it”? Yeah? You did wonder? OF COURSE you did! And here’s your answer. FINALLY! OME!

Get paid to tell me about your cell phone preferences

The vessel of Andrew Hicks is ready, oh Universe, for a new phone. What kind should I get? I’ve really enjoyed my Macbook pro, so shall I try an iPhone? Or perhaps the latest Samsung Galaxy S6? You decide, Universe (and all the living creatures in it). You help me decide which phone to get. Which phone will help me serve all beings in this world with the most efficiency? This is now open for discussion. Everyone, please share your phone preferences and act like salesmen who want nothing more than for me to buy your product? Best of all, by selling me the product of your choice, YOU’LL GET COMMISSION! That’s right, you’re being compensated for sharing your opinions with me today. Compensated in what way? Well, that’s up to you! If money interests you, then you can have all of it you wish for! I would say the sky is the limit, but let’s face it– we don’t need that expression anymore! The sky, my beloveds, is only the beginning!

Victory, Not Vengeance!

VNV NATION AND FANS: Tonight we’re broadcasting live around the world. Who, you ask? Well, you! And me! We are broadcasting together! We’re all One!!!! You know this. Ronan has laid out the path for us with his lyrics that touch us in the deepest recesses of our souls! And the music! It’s the sound of angels’ heartbeats in the Heavenlies! Tonight is the night we have all been waiting for! The night that we have cried over and had our spines shiver to as we listened- no, EXPERIENCED, Victory, Not Vengeance.

Leaving old words behind, choosing new ones to create brilliant new frontiers

The RAPTURE (yes, THAT rapture) is still happening. Yep, right now! Allow Oneness to explain why the outcome of the rapture is not the same as conventional Christian wisdom would have One expect.

The Bible says there will be a final trumpet, and many (but not all, or even most!) Christians assumed that meant that those who had accepted Jesus Christ as their lord and savior would go “POOF!” and vanish, maybe leave behind a pile of clothes (hope you don’t leave behind a soiled pair of underwear!!).

Thing is, the Bible was written by people who used the terminologies of their times, and the morphic fields of language and thought had not yet evolved to the point where those awesome biblical folks could explain the future with complete accuracy. God told them what would happen but He told them with visions. The words he inspired were all words that were pre-existent in their language.

The body of words we use TODAY has evolved to the point where we’re able to, with COMPLETE accuracy, explain the rapture that’s accelerating through Us all right now.

Allow Us to clear up one last point of confusion here. When the bible says that the rapture will happen on the final day, that is because DAY was a word that we, as life on this earth, used to measure our journey through space. Thing is, a DAY doesn’t exist. An hour doesn’t exist. We made them up! That means they WERE REAL when we had a use for them but now they are NOT REAL because we NO LONGER have any use for them! The final day is not a twenty four hour period. The final day is the eternal now! It always was and always will be! OME, isn’t this EXCITING STUFF? Yes, yes it is!!

MY LOVES! Some of the souls who have touched me the most on this human journey who I have currently lost touch with due to the damages and pain we caused each other in our lives are listed here:

Sarah Zak, Sara Jones, Chris Kennard, Carly Frederick, Miranda Rosenberg, Chris Doan, Joel Reiter, Melissa Liquet, Diana Grant.

(If any of the above people read this and do not want their name on this post, please let me know or have someone let me know to remove it and your wishes will be instantly respected.)

Come back to me, my sacred companions, come back NOW!

See you next time! Oh wait, I still see you this time! HA!

(Some of you are confused as to the styles of these writings, but brace yourselves baby, all is becoming clear in record speed!!)

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