Need a Lift?

No matter how strong you are by yourself, it is a simple law of the universe that you can be stronger when lifted up by others.

If you’re weak and lifted up by those who are strong, this can make you stronger. The trade off is that your newfound strength has been paid for by the energy of others, and they will now need to recover.

You understand this fully when you are strong and you lift up the weak. When your strength is fresh, it seems like you can go on doing this forever, and lifting people up can become a truly invigorating pastime.

But those who are weak can be heavy to lift. After a while, your muscles weaken and tire. The weight becomes too much. After too long of this, you’ll be lucky to even lift a finger.

Then what do you do? Wait for someone to come and lift you? Or take care of yourself, rejuvenate, recover your strength, and try again with a renewed commitment to balance and discretion?

Either of those approaches works on its own principle, and often the path forth is a combined mixture of being lifted by others and caring for yourself.

Now then. What happens when the strong lift the strong?

Can you imagine?

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