New Years Revolution

Here’s a basic look at my planned output for 2018 so far (these are not resolutions; this is my work schedule):


-Design petition for the validation of the World Peace Party, which will run the HICKS/YOU 2020 campaign.

-Release my fifth book in paperback and eBook formats, titled Overcoming Sexual Repression.

-The return of the HICKS/YOU 2020 t-shirt store


-Begin active recruitment for volunteer street team members to circulate the World Peace Party petition.

-Launch the business Lighthouse Writer Coaching.

-Book discussion, reading, and signing events for Overcoming Sexual Repression, in Lansing, Ann Arbor, and Grand Rapids, MI.

-Release my sixth book in paperback and eBook formats, an as-of-now-untitled guide to self-publishing which will serve as a companion piece to writing workshops in March and April.


-Facilitate “Legend of You” self-expression and self-publishing workshop in Lansing, MI.


-Facilitate and record another session of “Legend of You” in Lansing, Michigan.

-Make “Legend of You” available in webinar format.


-Focus heavily on circulation of the World Peace Party petition.

-Campaign speech in Lansing, MI, potentially at the Allen Street Market.


-Officially launch the HICKS/YOU 2020 campaign as a non-profit organization, offering employment opportunities for many pre-existing volunteers.

-Focus heavily on writing a full-length novel already in progress, called Reversion: A Cautionary Tale to Myself.


-Campaign speech at Big Dub 2018 in PA, along with workshops, creative projects, and collaborative music performances.

-Campaign speech on the capitol building steps in Lansing, MI.

-Release available chapters from Reversion for free online.


-I will either have purchased an RV or van by this point, or I will set out on foot or by caravan with fellow artists, philosophers, psychonauts, and visionaries to spread love, inspiration, and the news that the peaceful revolUtion is here, and it begins with you.

-Enter major planning stage for two more upcoming businesses, both in retail.


-Campaign speeches in various parts of the United States.


-Release Reversion: A Cautionary Tale to Myself in its entirety in paperback and eBook formats.

-More campaign speeches throughout the U.S.

-Release parties and book discussions that pertain to Reversion: A Cautionary Tale to Myself.


-Yet more campaign speeches, and a push to collect any more signatures necessary to validate the World Peace Party.

-Run a Thanksgiving 5K race.


-Speech to announce the World Peace Party’s birth, what it means for U.S. and global society, and what to expect from HICKS/YOU 2020 in 2019.

-Rewards and acknowledgement will be given to those who worked hard for the campaign.

-Release of my eighth book, The Art of Being Human 2: God Moments.

-Release party for Art of Being Human 2 and kindred spirit gathering on New Years Eve, 2018, including DXM, meditation, visualization, manifestation, with art and music.

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