Now hiring earth angels (apply within)

(chapter 26/30 of a book I’m writing called Overcoming Financial Failure: A Peace Treaty with the System. Pre-order the ebook here for any price you want, to be released Jan. 3, 2017. xox)

So far on this journey, we have analyzed and to some extent dissected the past.

I’ve exposed many of the beliefs I’ve carried around most of my life, that have produced and sustained my dissonant relationship with money.

I have surrendered it all.

Opened myself up to learning to participate in the system, rather than rebuking and rejecting it. Committed to mindfulness of and gratitude for the never-ending flow of abundance in my life.

But… I still have no idea what a hedge fund is.

And can’t claim to have overcome financial failure.

But something is happening.

These past few nights, I woke from dreams of financial epiphanies and prosperity.

Yesterday’s post about breaking the dam and receiving abundance was based on one such dream.

My subconscious is obviously getting the message: it’s time for change. Time for a new me. A me that cares about, respects, and flows freely with money.

Committing to this process of writing about my relationship with money for thirty days has proven immensely valuable, because it’s helped me stir up all the deep-down stuff in me that has been holding me back. I’ve set the record straight with myself. Gone deep and gotten real about thought patterns and belief I have traditionally just avoided.

But…. what now? How to put all this theory into practice? Replacing old rhetoric with new, only matters if it can be put into motion.

How to get results, and transcend thirty-five years of habits so that I can trust myself with money and be financially free to create a self-sufficient life?

Well, truthfully, I am very blessed. Lucky? Good karma? However you want to put it.

See, I have myself sort of an angel investor.

Technically, angel investors fund start-up businesses. The term originated to describe people who used their money to fund Broadway productions that would have otherwise gone under.

(I learned that on Wikipedia five minutes ago)

Well, I am not a Broadway production or a Silicon Valley start-up, but there is a person in my life who acts very much like a guardian angel. She has decided to invest in me, and my potential as a person.

That’s an amazing thing. To have people see the potential in you and cultivate it.

Not everyone has someone like that, and it’s not like you can reasonably put “find someone who believes in me enough to invest in me with their time and money” on your to-do list. Or maybe you can. I don’t know. Maybe you are very charming. I won’t tell you what you can’t do…

I did not go looking for someone to invest in me. She found me. She saw something in me I did not see in myself. That’s pretty much a miracle as far as I am concerned.

I am not dispensing any advice about finding someone to invest in your potential. Except maybe, be yourself and strive for what matters to you, and stay true to that truth even when no one seems to care but you. Eventually, someone might care in a big way. Maybe not, though.

The advice I will give is this: let’s all be personal angel investors.

You do not need to invest money to accomplish this. If you can, great. If not, no big deal.

Believe in your friends. If you do not care about their dreams, why are you their friend?

Post less distracting, divisive political shit on Facebook. Instead, share your friends’ art. Their blog posts. Their songs. Comment on their creative posts. Click like. Give honest feedback on their projects. Have conversations about what matters. Contribute. Be meaningful. Be provocative in your efforts to support your loved ones.

These are all ways to be someone’s angel investor.

Be interested. Be engaged. But if certain friends do not appreciate your support, it’s okay to channel your energy towards the ones who do.

When you support others, you are living, breathing abundance. Some people do not know how to let abundance in, and receive it. That’s okay. They’ll figure it out someday, maybe. You cannot force anyone to receive abundance. It’s like trying to plant a seed in solid rock. So, direct your energy to where it’s needed. To where you can plant seeds that actually grow.

Supporting others in this way creates an invisible economy. A currency of support and synergy.

When you support what truly matters to other people, they will probably reciprocate in some way. You may never consciously see the reciprocation. It could come in the most unexpected forms. Call it karma, if you want.

But receiving good karma is not the most compelling reason to be a personal angel investor to others. It’s just a bonus.

The most compelling reason I can think of is simply because it makes the human world a better place. A more real place. A place where people put their energy into what matters, rather than on hordes of bullshit memes and media hype.

People matter. Dreams matter. Your dreams matter.

If I could be an angel to every single person reading this, I would. No question. You mean the world to me. Why? Because you exist. And that is a huge fucking deal.

Seriously, I love you. Can you feel it in these words? ‘Cuz it’s real. Loving unconditionally is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Maybe the only thing that ever mattered. Loving you. Loving myself. Pulling out all the stops, conditions, and expectations. Simply loving.

We can all be each other’s angels. Every single day. Let’s do that. We can all be amazing together.

Anyway. So my personal angel investor and I have been sitting down. Designing a plan for 2017.

How can I be better? How can I handle money in new, exciting ways that surprise and delight me, and open up fresh avenues in my life that expand my personal definition for what is possible?

The plan is still forming. I will share it by the end of this book. It’s exciting. Game-changing. I have never felt more certain of financial security in the future.

Most of my life, I have felt like my future was destined to mimic the past. That’s an awful, sometimes unshakeable feeling. Being free from that dread is inwardly exhilarating.

Having genuine optimism about my financial future is nearly unprecedented, at least since after I was a kid (when I just assumed that I’d get extremely rich for no reason in particular).

I look forward to sharing my 2017 financial plan, and also an interview with my personal angel investor.

She has changed my life in incalculable ways. Empowered me beyond measure. Let’s find out what goes on inside her head.

And let’s all be angels in our own glorious ways.