On Guns

A baseball bat is made to hit baseballs.

An airplane is made to fly.

A hammer is made to build and repair.

All of these tools can be used for other reasons, too. But their specific intention, the reason they exist, is not to destroy.

A gun is made to destroy.

You can say that a gun is also made to protect. But even when you use it to protect, you are protecting one thing and destroying another.

You can say a gun is to hunt and feed your family. But even when you use a gun to feed your family, you are still using it to destroy sentient life in the process.

A gun is never, under any circumstances, an instrument of peace.

Even if you used guns to wipe out an entire hostile region of the world, that would not be peace. That would only be temporary silence. Others would rise up in the place of the ones you killed to claim vengeance. There will never be peace on that path.

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