Out of Nothing

Imagined worlds
Dreamed up cells
Creative pulse
Touch the void
With phantom hands
Breathe some life
into dreamlike lands
Nothing starts
to carry child
A simple seed
A chaos need
With pyres of fire
for stillness’ death
The void gives birth
to a wildcard deck
Color sprouts
from specks of life
Chemicals form
from pure will
Vibrations moan
To the tides of OM
Columns rise
Planets form
Music drifts
on cosmic seas
Soaring forth
to conceive trees
The phantom void
is filling in
with rhyme and order
with some kind of plan
Cells unite
filled by the dreams of OM
Forcing itself
to forget the origin
To explore these wonders
Time begins
Serenity sputters
Duality wins
fights to find a way
Consumed by its mission
It lives and decays
Passing on
its genetic will
to its progeny
like a magic spell
As the ages pass
Cells divide and grow
Empires rise and fall
Species in death throes
As the tides roll on
The Nothingness cries
It misses the peace
of itself before time
Tears of blood are shed
for the worlds down there
Full of the same essence of Origin
but they all think they are separate

When will they realize
When will they synchronize
When shall they actualize
When shall they join and rise?

Activated soul in thee
Find rest, find solace in thine heart
Tap into me, eternally
For here, time breaks no hearts

You will find thine human match
The one to live up to every vow
Believe these words, and conjure smiles
From this vantage point, you soar and thrive

Be the one to calm your soul
And find the one who calms their own
She has dreamed of you for her whole life
Which is why she’s hidden before your time
Let the yearning burn and grow
Let the aching torture you
Allow the pain to push you on
The void inside is the same one that made you.

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