Perseverance Against All Odds

Keep going.

When they tell you that you’re not good enough. Not strong enough. Smart enough. Rich enough.

Keep going, persevere, and endure even if they tell you that you’re redundant and repetitive.

There’s a mission inside of you. It’s up to you to choose to accept it. Cradle it. Protect it. Feed it.

Keep going, beyond when they say, “enough is enough.” They only want to limit you. Subdue you. Turn you into a flaccid noodle.

You aren’t a noodle. You’re a human being.

How dare you ever forget how amazing it is that you exist? If you don’t know what I mean, you’ve lost track of this whole shebang. You are a sentient being in a sack of flesh, bound together by bone and muscle. Then there are your atoms, which if you really think about it, could be their own miscrocosmic solar systems.The universe as we know it could be an atom in the backside of an ant in a dimension beyond comprehension.

Or not. Whatever. The point is, existence is fascinating as heck.

So does it matter? If you’re strong enough, smart enough, rich enough, sexy enough? Are these even relevant questions?

Probably not.

The most relevant question you can ask yourself right now is: What do I want to be today? Whatever your heart yearns to be, just be that. Day after day.

Keep going.

Next time they tell you you’re not enough, stop for a second.

Ask yourself: who are “they” anyway?

So, who are they?

Well, they’re mostly just in your head…

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