Primrose Planet

As I wander down this vacant street
searching for a single trace of life
all i see are empty broken dreams
dissolved to fragments of a wicked shame
Ghosts composed of chaos and regret
linger between columns of this realm
Monuments are crumbling with decay
we willed this flame in which we burn

Primrose planet!
Human havoc!
This formula
is disasterous
We’re at the point of no return
We’re at the point of no return

Tangled vectors lusting through the night
prowling for the sweetest youth to bruise
Souls dissipate as starving demons feast
Faded torment echoes through my cells

Shadows dance upon these prison walls
i can’t seem to find the source of light
Stare into obscurity
or struggle for validity
Either way the light will fade tonight

Scattered ashes ride upon the wind
(can’t help but analyze it)
Ideals sprawl and suffocate the host
(even if you can’t describe it)
Brittle bones collide with hearts of fire
This is our final stand – why can’t you understand?
This is the final hour
to set this right

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