I’m in a major period of reassessment.

I have a tendency to collect a wide variety of scattered ambitions until I’ve got too much on my plate and I end up paralyzed and not properly managing any of it.

This mostly goes for writing projects, entrepreneurial endeavors, and putting my energy into wanting to solve other people’s problems.

On the bright side, I can safely say that right now I have enough ideas to last the rest of my life and beyond. I don’t think I’ll ever hit an era when I have nothing I could be working on.

However, it’s imperative to become more strategic, organized, wise with time management, and to be diligent about choosing where to put my energy.

All that said, I’ve been planning to release my next book on June 20, 2017.

Realtime Recovery, Relapse, & Revolution is my largest project yet, and I’ve come to realize that I may require some more time in order to execute the concept properly and with an appropriate level of sensitivity and empathy to some readers who may feel challenged or triggered by some of the material presented.

I am currently in the process of devising a plan and a schedule for the completion of the book, and I’ll let you all know the agenda ASAP.

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