Reflections from May of 2044

Everything has changed…

Due to a revolution in off-grid living, it has become optional to acknowledge borders of cities and states.

The politicians tried to have us detailed, but our numbers were legion. They expected a war, but we weren’t interested.

We simply overpowered them with sound logic and relentless peace.

We listened to their side, acknowledged the strength of their perspective, and spoke our piece.

In the end, we came to an agreement that worked for all.

Some people live by the old ways, but we’ve simultaneously been empowered to build a sort of off-grid organizational government.

Most of it is run by algorithms designed by our best collective ideas.

Now I’m part of a hybrid-nomadic tribe without a name.

We have two dozen communes across the world, large stations that serve as shelters and animal sanctuaries.

I spend my life traveling between communes. Occasionally staying put for a few months to work on community projects and build families.

I father many children, but our concept of family has changed tremendously since the old times…

Remember the old saying, “It takes a village to raise a child?”

The whole tribe is like a village, and in this case village is interchangeable with the idea of family.

We all look out for one another. We are all teachers, especially the children.

And we are all students, especially us who have been around for long enough to know that there is always more to learn.

The past thirty years have been incredible. We’ve seen so many changes, and culture has evolved at an exponential rate.

One of the primary reasons for this was in the 2020’s, when we built momentum with the dissolution of stigma pertaining to hallucinogens and dissociatives.

Awareness spread about the benefits of mind-expansion, and it was proven that many of the risks were only in our own minds.

As more people embraced this, humans rapidly opened their heart to one another, to all life-forms, and to the Planet.

It was a love revolution. Transcendence of ego on a massive scale.

We finally in great numbers understood our roles as co-creators of our own realities…

Those who clung to old paradigms of power, control, and inequality were loved unconditionally and treated with respect.

By 2032, we had all but won a new world.

Changes that were once thought impossible on a personal and cultural scale, fell into place effortlessly for those who embraced oneness with all.

Those who rejected these changes had a rougher time.

And thought we were crazy like you wouldn’t believe.

But we just kept loving them. We kept understanding them. And even most of their hearts have changed by now.

I have dreamed of this world I now inhabit for so long. To be living within this global peace is bliss beyond words.

Every day, we grow together. Learn together. We evolve, and our definitions of what’s possible expand monumentally with each passing moment.

Disease is rapidly fading from this world.

Inequality is all but defeated.

We practice synergy moreso than competition.

The sociological and economic barriers that constrained the world through my first forty years of life are almost completely diminished.

I feel love every day, and I feel loved beyond measure.

Well, this is all I have time to write for now.

A group of children just returned from a listening session in the 13th dimension, and my ears are ever eager for their sweetest revelations…

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