Revelatory Tides

Revelatory tides
Cast off ancient shrines
By the bow, hubris stands
In a foreign land
Topple down these walls
By near which the butcher falls
Collapse, subside unto the rut
By near which the saint corrupts
Get down, the wiser
Stand tall, the lover
Inside command, you reacher
Make love now, you dreamer
Twist and contort the meaning
Until it’s more crowd-pleasing
Reveal all you’ve been concealing
Holding back the devil’s dealings
Parade your flesh and hide your shame
You are the wick, so shine your flame
Begotten and absorbed
No words left to ignore
Take solace in retribution
And remaining in pure confusion
Time makes mites escape the flame
Of gigantic pain and epic blame
Across the room from fear’s combat
In defense, your troops attack
Making room for space and void
Legion of angels now deployed
When the prophecies are said and done
The world will see that we have won

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