Rewriting the rules, launching your life

Society is changing at a rapid, unprecedented pace…

But it’s not something that’s out of control.

We are society…

We’re the ones that are changing.

And we’re the ones that get to design our own futures.

What do you want to build from your life?

What do you want to create?

Who do you want to inspire?

Who do you want to be?

What do you dream of becoming?

There’s never been a better time than now, to invent a brand new you.

The world is hungry for your ideas.

The world is waiting for you to unleash your creative potential.

Whether it be through writing, music, teaching, painting, designing clothes, helping others express themselves, doing hair, fixing things, or standing on the corner with a sign that says, “Free Hugs,” the truth is that nobody in the world can replace what you have to offer in this world when you free yourself to be authentic and committed to your dreams.

It won’t be long before the economy is radically changed from how it is now. It will be unrecognizable, probably within most of our lifetimes.

Automation is replacing many jobs, and that trend will only continue exponentially.

If this frightens you, fret not…

This is good. This is beautiful.

We’re being set free.

Over time, it’s almost a foregone inevitability that we’ll see the standardization of basic universal income.

Meaning, people will have their basic needs met whether or not they have the capacity to monetize the value they offer to the world.

And everyone offers value. Every single person.

It’s just that the system hasn’t yet been made flexible enough to acknowledge and compensate people for it outside the bounds of an employment contract.

I’ve heard a variation of the following a hundred times:

People aren’t meant to slave away, doing unfulfilling work for a paycheck. So that they can afford to pay their bills and take care of their family. Who they never see because they are at work…

Many say this. Many know this. But why don’t we do something about it?

Why don’t we move our lives closer to what people are meant for?

Well, many people are doing just that.

We’re choosing ourselves.

We’re making a new set of rules. Rules that make sense. Rules that resonate with our needs and with the times.

You can be who you want to be.

You can live how you want to live.

You can invent your own paradigm and soar beyond the staleness (and stalemate) of the unnatural life that society once demanded you to endure.

You’re not alone.

There are others like you, who refuse to settle for the status quo anymore.

And this refusal is smart. Because the status quo is dissipating at a rapid rate. It’ll all be completely transformed before a lot of people have any clue what’s happening.

More and more people are starting to understand this, and setting themselves free.

People are inventing the lives of their dreams.

And living in ways that they were probably told time and time again were impossible.

But they didn’t believe it. They chose to stay true to their inner visions until those visions expanded outwards and became a way of life.

Now they’re free. Flexible. No matter what shifts happen in the economy, they’ve built a life that is likely to flourish.

Because it’s on their terms.

We can come together and make this happen for ourselves, and anyone that this way of life resonates with.

We can teach each other, learn from each other, grow together, and revolutionize our lives.

We’re all on different paths, but we’re also all connected.

Together, we’re more.

And that doesn’t mean we need to drain ourselves dry to help others.

It means we can live and work transparently, in ways that leave breadcrumbs for others to follow.

And we can take a few minutes each day to look at what other people are doing. Acknowledge how hard they’re trying. Tell them they’re awesome, let them know how their work affected you, and hit the share button (if applicable).

In general, we can be helpful by having a “can-do” attitude.

Not just about our own stuff.

About everyone’s stuff.

It isn’t really up to us to judge what works for other people.

Or what’s realistic for other people.

Or worthwhile for other people.

So, just help people see how they can accomplish their dreams, instead of why they can’t.

And if they do their best and fall down, don’t demean them if they try the same thing again.

It’s their life…

They’re the captain of their own ship.

You’re the captain of yours.

All together, we make these open seas diverse and sexy.


Let’s do this. 🙂

No matter where you’re at on your journey, you’re invited to join the Launch Your Life group on Facebook.

It’s a community that will thrive by making you thrive first.

And it will thrive by you helping others thrive.

Again, not by draining yourself dry, busting your ass for other people.

Just by being yourself in public.

Just by making your awesomeness contagious…

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