Scam Alert: iDNS

Scam alert for web domain owners:

If you receive a piece of mail that looks like this, or any mail at all from iDNS (Internet Domain Name Services), you can rest assured right out the gate that this is a scam.

These letters are worded in such away that can alarm an unsuspecting domain owner into believing that a fee must be paid to iDNS in order for their domain to stay online after an upcoming expiration date.

The fee that iDNS is asking for is much larger than standard rates. The letter they sent me lists the fee as $45 for a year, when my annual rate through A2 (my web host) is $12.99.

No matter what company you bought your domain from, you’ll never be required to switch to iDNS or any other similar company with spiked rates.

Research indicates that iDNS does provide the services they claim to provide but their entire business model depends on taking advantage of uninformed domain owners at outrageous prices.

iDNS makes themselves seem official by citing your real expiration date. They have access to that information but that doesn’t give them any authority over your domain. They have none unless you give it to them.

iDNS may eventually change their name if they become widely known as scammers and other companies may be pulling similar poppycock.

To avoid these traps, just be aware of who you bought your domain from and don’t buy into bullying and deception from other companies.

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