Scorned on the cross

You think you know
But I know you don’t
You think you know
But baby, no you don’t

I have been crucified like Christ
Forsaken by they I’m sworn to love
All the beauty of this soul
With shit and vomit, down the hole

You can’t stand this ego and pride
But you don’t see the love inside
Every day closer to the sweet ideal
This mind, these hands, they were made to heal

Now stare square in the mirror
What do you see?
Is it truly too much to sense
that you’re the same as me?

You have been scorned on the cross of Christ
Forsaken by they you’ve sworn to protect
Every ounce of love within your heart
is the poison that the blind reject

I think I know
But you know I don’t
I think I know
But baby, no I don’t

I am the blind
I have the sight
I am the day
The same as night
You are the way
You speak the truth
You are the fount
of eternal youth
We are the fire
On wings of wind
We are the power
that can’t rescind
We are the charm
We are the snake
We are the fruit
of pain’s mandate

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