Sexual Closure

So here we are. The final entry in this series on sexuality.

(WARNING: The beginning is crude. Get past that, and it’s mostly tame.)

Still so much to cover. I guess that’s what sequels are for.

(Yes, Hollywood, sequels are for when there is naturally more to say, not for when you want to milk a cow beyond its capacity. Oh, and farmers, please stop milking cows.)

There are more random stories. Like the time I finger-banged an old girlfriend from behind, and thought she had been cheating on me because her vagina seemed extra roomy, but when she started queefing like mad I realized it was because I’d pumped her full of air.

I mean, seriously, the queefs were tangible. Pow, pow, pow! Like gunshots.

(By the way, if the person who reported my earlier post comes forward and has a conversation with me about why they found it offensive, I will not only be respectful and listen more than I speak, but I’ll write a kind poem in their honor and make a humble donation to their favorite charity.)

And those dating sims on lonely nights. The badly-translated lengths I have gone to, in the name of badly-animated sex acts…

We could also go much deeper into the philosophy and spirituality of sexuality.

Yoga and sexuality. Tantra. Kundalini.

Sexual energy is productive energy. It creates.

You can utilize your sexual energy to create anything. Art. Music. Architecture. Dialogue. Film.

You can utilize sexual energy to create experiences that do not always seem sexual on the surface.

When you are willing to look at your life metaphorically, you can create exciting new meanings for anything.

Climbing a mountain can be seen as working your way to a climax. Orgasm at the peak. Cuddle on the way down. Here comes another hill…

Exploring a cave. Exploring anything. Like exploring your lover. This planet can be your lover. The air that fills your lungs, can make love to you every day in every way.

This is not perversion. Honestly, if you see these things as perverted, I understand. But this. This is liberation.

Liberation not just for the individual, but for society as a whole.

When we can channel our sexual energy for non-sexual acts, what could happen to the rate of rape in our culture? Could it be minimized?

As I wrote about weeks ago, one of the most sexually gratifying experiences of my life happened with my clothes on, and I was not aroused, and I did not need to depend on anyone bending to my will.

I just sang. Karaoke night. It was amazing.

If I’d have entered the bar that night, feeling any sexual need, I would have left satiated afterwards.

No need to get laid. I used my sexual energy. I created something beautiful. I created memories. I exchanged energy, and received.

This is important. People need to realize this.

When you need to get laid but can’t, just create something. Create anything.

Let yourself flow into what you create.

Build. Fortify. Expand your plane of experiences and output.

Let other people explore you. Tell someone a secret. Something you’ve never told anyone aloud.

We all have a deep down need to be explored. Sometimes we protect ourselves because we’ve been violated before, so we aren’t aware of the need. But it’s there, some place.

Show the world something new. Something they haven’t seen before. A thought, a feeling, expressed through your words or art.

Letting other people explore and receive you can be much more compelling or at least equally so, than flashing your tits.

Flash your insights. Catch people off guard. Wow them. Tell them your dreams, and listen to theirs. Build synergy. Work towards your deepest desires.

In a heavily populated world, sex isn’t the most important thing right now. Which is OK. It’s also not necessarily the best feeling in the world, either.

What would I rather do?

Start a business that produces jobs people love, services that blow peoples’ minds and adds value to their lives, and then sell that business to someone who will usher it into the future, making abundant money in the process?

Or get laid?

Which is more pleasurable, in the grand scheme? Which has the greatest returns? Making babies? Or making a world that takes excellent care of everyone’s babies?

Collaborating with others in building a meaningful business. Networking, building relationships, providing for others and being provides for.

These are all ways that utilize the same pool of energy I could also be using to chase some tail.

There is a time and a place for hot, raw, passionate lovemaking.

But we’re evolved to the point, where we can say, “Now is not the time. Now is not the place. This energy within me can be used for something else, something just as beautiful and meaningful, if not more so, than exchanging bodily fluids.”

You are powerful. The creative strength of your mind is staggering.

Through meditation and yoga, you can learn to redirect your sexual energy without even physically doing anything.

Send it out into the universe. Let it spread around like seeds on the wind. Maybe it’ll get a rise out of some dude’s pants, who has been struggling with getting it up in bed lately. Maybe it’ll be someone’s creative muse, and they will get an idea for a new book or painting.

Rape does not need to be a thing. I know it is difficult to believe for some, but someday rape will be a distant cultural memory. Gone from the world like a forgotten nightmare.

It starts right now. With you. And your libido. With your body. With your perception of yourself and others and everything.

When you improve yourself, you improve everyone. Because we’re all connected. Those who you touch directly, will touch others. This causes waves that no one on Earth can possibly escape.

Especially now. With our technology. With the Internet. Social media.

Who you are. What you choose to be. These things matter. No escaping that.

So, be awesome. Know that you’re sexy.

See the sexiness in everything, and know that seeing the sexiness is not the same as demanding fulfillment.

Be naked, when it’s safe. Look at your body in the mirror. Touch it. Smile at it. Say, “I love you.”

Trace your stretch marks. Caress your face. Touch yourself the way you need to be touched.

Love yourself the way you need to be loved.

Express yourself. Accept yourself. Celebrate yourself.

You are so worth it.

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