So, Let’s Talk About SeXXX

Not long after I started blogging in 2013, I realized there were two topics I hardly ever mentioned:

Money and sex.

I wondered. Does the fact that I never write about these things mean that I know very little about them?

That was true of money, very much so. I have had almost no education about money through my life, except to learn from my many mistakes.

Sex is a little different. I’ve had a lot of sex in my life. I used to make many crude jokes about sexuality, and spend a lot of time thinking about, talking about, and pursuing sex.

But did I truly know anything about it? Or more specifically, did I have a healthy relationship with my own sexuality?

I resolved to learn more and write more about money. That resolution led to the publication of my second book in early 2017, called Overcoming Financial Failure: A Peace Treaty With the System.

Since then, I have continued learning about and writing about money, and I’ve noticed a dramatic improvement in my relationship with personal finance.

But I’ve still been neglecting writing about sex, even though sexuality is an incredibly important concept in my life.

Therefore, I will do what I did with Overcoming Financial Failure.

For the next thirty days, I will post every day about sex.

I’ll explore my beliefs and preconceptions, and analyze how my upbringing influences my sexuality as an adult. I’ll freely discuss my sexual history, of course changing names to protect the innocent and guilty alike.

Together we’ll look at healthy ways to approach the topic of sexuality with our children. We’ll discuss consent, objectification, and the importance of owning a confident, respectful and liberated mentality when it comes to our bodies and the way we interact with other people’s bodies.

And maybe some more stuff I haven’t thought of yet.

If I miss a day somewhere along the process of this project, I will still write a total of thirty posts minimum on the topic. Starting here with this one. Twenty-nine to go.

And again, I will probably be publishing these chapters all together in a new book. Maybe these 30-day writing projects will become an annual tradition for me.

At any rate, let’s get horny.

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