So, You Want a New World? Let’s Build It Together.

Think about how much work it took for Bernie Sanders to step up and get his voice heard in a fully distracted bi-partisan society.

Maybe you were following Bernie from the start. I didn’t notice him until his campaign was massive and already achieving great strides in inspiring people to believe that an anti-establishment candidate made a refreshing measure of sense for the political future of the U.S. and its ties to the world.

Think of what it must have taken to build that campaign from the ground up. Every single hour and minute of work put into his campaign had a measurable (or at least observable) impact on the outcome.

#HICKSYOU2020 is just getting started. And yes, this is a serious presidential campaign.

Bernie Sanders has served as an inspiring archetype of being David standing up to Goliath. He paved the way for a new underdog to rise up and deliver the world a hearty dose of redemption.

That underdawg is not just some person named Andrew L. Hicks. I am just someone that always liked a good underdog story. #D2MightyDucks4ever

The real underdog here, is the authentic heart of the human beings who inhabit this country and this world. That’s who David is.

Goliath is comprised of all the delusion, brainwashing, hypocrisy, and double-standards that have oppressed the human race for long enough.

In the Bible, David took Goliath out with a rock to the forehead.

But violence isn’t how we’re rolling through this one. We’ll never stop oppression by deploying oppression ourselves. Violence is oppression. There is no act of violence that is not oppression in some form.

We’re going to take this giant down by looking into its soul, and seeing ourselves there. We’re going to realize, we’ve been giants ourselves, this whole time.

We’re going to take Goliath down by owning up to the fact that we are Goliath. We are what has made possible this menace that we so hate.

This is the peaceful revolution. If you’re not convinced that a peaceful revolution is possible, it’s all good, I get it. If you don’t believe in this movement yet, then wait and see what happens.

But if any of this is resonating with you? If you feel the passion, power, truth, and conviction in these words. If any of this speaks to your soul. Then, now is the perfect time for you to get involved.

As of August 21, 2017, HICKS/YOU 2020 is logistically and measurably almost nothing. Just a few people, sharing their dreams and visions for the world. Sharing their art. Sharing their music and their voice.

The reason this is the perfect time to get involved, is because you will be able to literally see how what you’re doing makes a difference. You will be a part of building history with your own hands, and you’ll see the excitement build over time for people all across the nation and our world. Some people will wait and see if this movement is serious, and they’ll doubt us as long as they can before we fully demonstrate the power and vitality of the awakened human spirit. But the positive energy that will carry this movement that far starts right now, with a few passionate people who are ready to stand up and make the biggest difference ever.

If you want to support HICKS/YOU 2020 with your time, energy, art, and/or money, get with me ASAP. Get with me, yesterday. We’ll create you a job through this campaign, so this especially goes for my fellow kindred spirits who have zero tolerance for mediocre capitalism at large. Here, you can have a safe space to be yourself, express yourself freely, invent yourself freely, and work with others who just want to make this fecal goat-rodeo of a society a little (or a lot) better off than we found it.

#brofist, everyone. Thank you for your time and attention. I love you all from every tender little flap of my heart.

Enjoy the eclipse. See you on the other side.

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