Solstice Speech in Lansing, Michigan

Here’s the transcript and videos from HICKS/YOU 2020’s first public campaign speech at The Avenue in Lansing, Michigan, on December 21, 2017. Happy Solstice, everyone.

“Four score and seven years from now, we will be standing within a new world.

This will be a world that not many of us will recognize, because it will be full of love, compassion, and understanding. This may be a foreign or even scary thought for many of us, but do not be afraid. I assure you, this is real.

Throughout the cycles of history, humanity’s uglier tendencies have reared their heads again and again. After seeing history repeat itself so many times, it can be easy to fall into the trap of assuming that the future shall contain the same hardships and failures as the past.

If that’s your mentality about society and the world, I understand you well, but I am here tonight to offer an alternate perspective.

I propose a world where everybody wins, all the time. Where no one is marginalized anymore. No one gets lost between the cracks.

A world where corporate greed can no longer usurp common civic decency. Many people have realized by now, that we could cure cancer efficiently, affordably, and humanely, if there were not entire industries that depend on our treatment remaining archaic, barbaric, and disempowering.

Right now, those with the money and the power will stop at nothing to sustain their wealth.

That’s why it does NOT work to just charge in and say, “Let’s take away money and prestige from the rich, and watch them crumble and become poor!”

Imagine being someone who has worked hard to earn billions. And poor people hate you, because you’re rich. You have a nice, secure life. You have advantages most common people can’t even imagine, and it makes life truly pleasurable and worthwhile, that is I mean, when your conscience isn’t plaguing you for certain atrocities you’ve had to concede to, like fucking over the planet so that we can drive cars, run factories, and make more money, money, money.

Here’s the thing, my lovely Lansingites.

My ideas for changing the world don’t involve screwing over corporations, billionaires, or anyone else. That’s right. I have absolutely zero interest in screwing over anyone, ever.

The people who currently fight to protect their wealth at the cost of our societal dignity, need to be offered an alternative. We need to say, “Hey, I have a plan for you to keep your luxuries, while we also stop screwing over the rest of the human race.”

It would take a diabolically evil fool to argue with that plan.

And that’s just it. I do not believe that anyone is truly inherently and irreversibly diabolically evil.

Everyone, everywhere is doing the best they can within the current limitations of their beliefs and preconceptions.

When they can do better, they will. When they are given a clear opportunity to do better without losing anything that’s important to them, then they will choose that path.

So let us make a path where everybody wins.

It won’t be easy. But it will be a lot of fun.

This will be a path full of laughter and light and love. A path where everyone is encouraged to be their true authentic selves and empowered to manifest their sweetest, most uplifting dreams. A path where everyone is well educated about identifying, communicating, and enforcing their own personal boundaries and respecting the boundaries of others.

A path where people are appreciated, acknowledged, valued, and compensated, not just for having an occupation or status, but for all of their endeavors to lift up those in the world around them.

The new world that we’re creating together, starts with a fire in your heart.

A willingness and desire to love unconditionally.

An agenda to empower everyone you encounter.

A mission to understand life stories that seem so different from your own.

Through unconditional love, empowerment, and understanding, we have a shot to transcend the sick cycles of history.

I believe in you.

I believe in me

I believe in humanity.

I believe in cats, dogs, turtles, snails, and sloths.

I believe in stink bugs.

And I believe that right now, we’re making history together.

Hugs and kisses, everyone. Eternal light and love times two.”

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