Some People Just Don’t Like You (Embracing Ambiguity)

Some people just don’t like you.

They don’t have to give you a reason.

It behooves you to learn to accept ambiguity.

Ambiguity can be difficult to deal with, because it might mean the worst case scenario is true.

But it could also mean the best case scenario is true.

Maybe when it seems like someone doesn’t like you, it’s actually the opposite.

Maybe they don’t know how to tell you how much they love and respect you. How in awe they are of you. So they say nothing.

I used to work with this girl, who I wanted to be friends with.

We had a couple nice, personal conversations.

Then, she started ignoring me and giving me the cold shoulder.


I never found out. It used to bother me to no end. One time I called her a dick for brushing me off. That didn’t help anything.

Maybe I’ll never know why she ran for the hills.

Maybe I accidentally said something that triggered a trauma. Maybe she had feelings for me that frightened her. Maybe I was too forward, bold, and straightforward. Maybe she didn’t like my scent.

It could be anything.

I don’t know. I don’t need to know.

I hope she’s happy. And I am sorry for calling her a dick.

Other people need to have space to be themselves. To have their quirks. Other people need to be able to have their own worlds, without being demanded to explain themselves to you or anyone else.

Be OK with not knowing everything about everyone.

Be OK with not knowing everything about yourself.

What you need to know, you’ll know.

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