Someone Hates You

Someone you know hates you and you don’t know it.

They might not even consciously realize it.

Do you know how much mire we slop around in our subconscious depths?

It’s a lot, for most people.

Since it’s subconscious, you don’t even know about it.

But it rules your life.

Makes ya do things on autopilot.

And sometimes it rises to the surface, usually when it’s triggered by external stimuli.

You hate someone and you won’t know it until someone or something trips the wire.

And someone hates you.

Because you don’t know how much you suck.

You’re too busy doing your best to realize you ignored your friend in their time of need.

You were oblivious, selfish, and rude.

Maybe you canceled plans because you were in a funk and they took it as a personal rejection.

Maybe you forgot to call.

Maybe you needed some space at the wrong time.

Whatever the reason, now they hate you.

What are you going to do about it when you find out?

Be bitter? Hate back? Make excuses? Call names? Find scapegoats?

Or how about you just pull your pants back up and make it right?

You know what it’s like to get hurt by oblivious people.

You know what it’s like to be oblivious.

So use this whole thing as a chance to heal some subconscious baggage.

If you avoid it, it goes back down. Mucks everything up.

So face it. Cleanse it. Love people even when they hate you for their unexpected reasons.

They are out there struggling to get by, just like you.

Struggle together. Empower each other. Shut up and listen. Shut up and heal.

Find and feel the love. Put it down deep into your subconsciousness. Let it be your new guide.

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