Standing Firm in Oneself

I used to let other people’s perceptions of me affect my self-perception.

This was confusing for me…

Because I never quite knew who I was…

It’s not an ideal way to live. It’s like being a chameleon who changes colors too quickly to keep up with their own identity. Their own colors.

Who am I when no one else is looking?

Who am I when no one else is observing? Or judging? Or interpreting?

Different versions of me exist in other people’s minds. But those variations of me are painted by their own experiences, beliefs, and values. Those variations are mental creations.

Letting those mental creations alter my own mental creation of myself is problematic.

Because ultimately, it is my own mental creation of myself that decides who I am in this world and what I am capable of.

Letting other people’s perceptions of me dictate my own self-perception is an inauthentic and unstable way to live.

But I had to live that way for years, in order to learn to believe in myself.

I had to know the cost of compromising my core for the sake of other people’s opinions. That price is more expensive than any diamond or technological marvel or trip across the globe. The cost of compromise in this context is as steep as my life, my soul, my dreams, my effectiveness in this world.

I have learned to trust myself, my intuition, and my moral compass. I cannot be swayed anymore, by the ways that other people distort me due to preconceptions or missing information.

It’s time to stand strong and firm in myself, so that I can joyously and effectively take on the monumental tasks before me.

If you think I sound full of myself, I understand. But that doesn’t change anything. You can see me however you want, or however you will.

I know my heart. And my heart goes so far beyond myself. My heart wraps you in a blanket with as much tenderness as a loving mother tucking her child in. And the child in me yearns to be wrapped up in your tenderness too.

Many times, my words are self-centered. Because this is my life. This is my experience. I choose to share it indiscriminately with the world around me, because I believe that level of transparency is one of the many keys to the next stages of our evolution as humans and as life-forms.

I admonish you to share freely too. I will lap it all up. I will swim in your words. I will find myself there, and I will do whatever I can to promote your personal power and the manifestation of your dreams.

I aspire to see you as you see yourself, to the closest extent possible. To accept you and abide by your own self-perception.

I want you to win. I want everyone to win, always. And together, I know we can make this happen.

The heavens tremble in awe before the resplendence of authentic, unbridled human spirit.

And I tremble before you, in the best and most spiritually orgasmic way. But only when you’re real. So, be real. And surround yourself with those who crave your realness.

Trust yourself and fly.

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