Start the Beat and Dance

When your days
all blur
together, now
You’ve lost
the plot
You throw yourself
into the void
you ebb completely
Making way
and breaking bread
Crumbs of flesh
upon your tongue
Close your eyes
and see everything
With an open heart
consume everything
Live it up
like it’s your final day
Gear up, move out
This is no place
to stay

I know, I know
You put it out there
And they don’t accept it
U grow, U grow
Just suck it up
This loneliness will pass
You’ll get, you’ll get
Your day in the sun
if you stand ur ground and never run
Stand up, stand up
Embrace these trials
Just walk, just walk
this bloody final mile
You lose, you lose
your flow, your flow
You take, you take
the fall, the fall
You break, you break
You fake, you fake
You hide, you hide
You rhyme, you die

the final scene
of mirrors
in halls of dreams
You hold
your hands
above your head
and let go
of wants
You need instead
So just cast the sack cloth off
And break the healer’s bow
Step in line
before the
saint’s death throes
Remark to me
Sing praises high and far
Submit, succumb
just be
just be
just be
just be yourself

Someday these words
will make a lick of sense
until then, though
just start the beat and dance

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