State thine mission

What is your mission?

If you don’t know, then maybe you have spent most of your life bouncing from one thing to the next, like a pinball at the mercy of unforgiving physics. Just like me…

If you know your mission, then you have a decision-making format.

Before making a choice, you can ask yourself, does this go along with my mission or against it?

I am drafting a mission statement. I do not have it nailed down exactly yet, but here are a few first attempts.

My mission is…

…to be an open receiver and distributor of abundance in tangible and intangible forms while vigilantly practicing gratitude and humility.

…to walk in a harmonious relationship with money, seeing it as a tool to increase my effectiveness in opening up the world and drawing people closer together in oneness.

…to create value for other people’s lives every single day through giving, free idea exchange, service, and unconditional compassion.

…to form a routine on the premise of developing and sustaining an unstoppable mind, body, and spirit; my every choice revolves around the powerful gravitational force of this premise.

…to prioritize empowerment above all else. Financially, physically, mentally, spiritually. For myself. For anyone I can help.

…to deliver on my promises, exceed expectations, and enhance the quality of other people’s lives and my own with my words and actions.

Are these too wordy and complicated? How about…

…to show love, receive love, and be love.


…to show love, receive love, and be love, while making and sharing a shit ton of money. Just like a dirty socialist.

(chapter 28/30 of a book I’m writing called Overcoming Financial Failure: A Peace Treaty with the System. Pre-order the ebook here for any price you want, to be released Jan. 3, 2017. xox)