Step by Darling Step (The World is Saved)

I go forth
into the field
Is this real?
Hell and brimstone
raining down
all around
Camouflaged troops
Surround me
My hands behind me
Down on my knees
Their leader laughs
at such providence
to encounter me here
He doesn’t realize
that this was my plan
to submit
I surrender
Do what you will
But I must try, somehow
to tell you that I love you
I know if you had your way
America would burn
Every inch
and from the cinder
something new would rise
I don’t know what
I don’t care
Because right now
all there is
is your gun in my neck
You ask me if I wanna cry
I tell you that I’d rather care
and be the kind of person
that strives to understand
until my last breath

This is where
it gets confusing
The end of the story
branches off down separate paths

You see, in my world, I didn’t die
Because I believed in my path and didn’t hide
In my world, the plan worked out
We had some drinks and some jokes
and they let me go
I still keep in touch on old Facebook
much to the chagrin of homeland security
My people say they’re playing a long game
Eventually they’ll show their teeth and destroy us all
But you see, in my world, that’s not the way
Step by darling step, the world is saved

Alas, my version of events may not suit you
In your world when ISIS has you
They decapitate or shoot you
So, in your world, I’m just another martyr
Because you believe in sacrifice
and unavoidable slaughter
I don’t blame you, babe, the world’s on fire
or is that just the silhouette
of a demon that’s retired?
Either way, let me ask you just one thing
A final request if I lose my head
Can you please, pretty please
not avenge me?
Could you strive to forgive
through understanding?
Could you see into the lives
of the executioners?
Could you picture them as children?
with fears and dreams and mothers?
They could chop me up into little cubes
but my spirit would be settled
because I pursued truth
So please, pretty please, subdue the urge
to dishonor my memory
by wiping people from the Earth

Someday, the violence ends
But not before a choice is made
and fortified all the way

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