Step Into Nothingness

Sometimes, the words don’t flow
Abstract, sidetracked, chaotic, remote
And you open a door to a pitch black space
No guarantees that there is even a floor
You light a candle but to no avail
That abyss swallows the light like it ain’t no thang
So, you can stand there paralyzed
Or turn back from wherever you came
But if you did, then you’d never know
Who and what you were meant to be

Just take a step into nothingness
Watch the ground form beneath your feet
See vibrant colors born in real-time
A world grown from the fountain of your soul
Elation mutates from indecision
Fear morphs into joy
There is no waiting list for this bliss
Concluded is the era of the masochist
Instantaneously, comprehensively, deliciously
Only one prerequisite
Just one step
One small step into nothingness.

Also published on Medium.