Suicide is not surprising

Suicide never surprises me anymore.

It’s much more surprising when people endure through this shit-show we call society, with their authenticity and compassion intact.

Please realize. When people take their lives, there is no inherent mystery to it. It’s simple cause and effect.

We have tolerated a world that dwells on the superficial, artificial, meaningless, and demeaning.

When people choose not to deal with that anymore, their death is not the core tragedy.

The core tragedy is the society that they gave up on dealing with.

And we are that society.

Society is not separate from what we put into it. It is not separate from what we choose to condone.

If you want a world that people don’t have to kill themselves to escape, then step up.

Stop judging others for their differences. Get curious about their differences instead. Everything you’re uncomfortable with is an opportunity to grow.

Anyone could kill themselves at any time.

You don’t know the kind of pain and defeat that people experience in their hearts.

I don’t know what kind of pain and defeat you’ve experienced.

But ending it all is not necessarily an act of weakness.

It’s an act of defiance.

Defiance against a world that tends to take everything for granted until it is too late.

So, don’t take people for granted. Don’t take life for granted.

Cultivate in yourself that which empowers the people around you to own their identities and be proud of who they are.

Or they might be gone. And you might only care past the point of no return.


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