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What is HICKS/YOU 2020?

An unprecedented movement and presidential campaign that is a natural extension of the work done by Bernie Sanders. Together, we will redefine politics and reshape society based on principles of coherency, compassion, empathy, and absolute decisiveness about making the United States of America and the entire world a gentler, more palatable place to exist.

What are the current needs of the HICKS/2020 campaign?

HICKS/YOU 2020 needs money to expand its technological capabilities and build an effective outreach system.

We are a campaign of transparency. All of our expenses and donations will be available for the public to assess.

Here are our first campaign goals:

-Upgrade our technology so that we can build better videos and websites, and communicate with the public and with all our collaborates in the most efficient, streamlined way possible.

-Reach out to people in need to provide food, shelter, and relief for overwhelming hardships.

-Provide some financial compensation for the wonderful volunteers who have seen greatness and promise in HICKS/YOU 2020 and have given their time and talent to our cause.

-Travel funds for speaking engagements and service to communities, individuals, and businesses around the nation.

Any monetary help you can provide during this launch will be highly appreciated. Feel free to offer any suggestions or feedback along with your contribution, and let us know specifically how we should utilize your money.

How to send money to the HICKS/YOU 2020 presidential campaign?

For now, the best ways are PAYPAL and GOOGLE WALLET.

Our user ID for both of those services is REVOLUTIONWITHINYOU@GMAIL.COM.

A physical mailing address will be made available soon for checks and money orders. If you prefer another way of sending us money, please contact us and let us know.

What if I want to help, but don’t have any money to give?

Story of my life up, so you’re not alone there.

Money is such a relatively small part of this movement. Money is just a tool. The real impetus for change here is heart, soul, passion, and dialogue.

Develop yourself. Follow your passions. Do less of what pummels and breaks you, and more of what restores and nourishes you.

Become a great listener, if you aren’t already. Listen to your family and friends. Listen to people you may think of as your enemies. Listen, and strive to understand where people are coming from. You’ll be more whole as a result, and so will everyone around you.

HICKS/YOU 2020 is a movement that is directly impacted by the quality of your life. The one reading this right now. When you grow and thrive, this movement succeeds. When you wilt and decay, our movement fails. So, by all means, take care of yourself.

This campaign needs musicians, artists of all kinds, technical experts, event coordinators, social media managers, public speakers, idea people, and so much more. This campaign needs all of you, being your authentic selves. We need people to get the word out, to help us gain traction and build momentum.

Anything that you do that involves your heart and soul can help HICKS/YOU 2020.

If you have any doubts, fears, or substantial barriers that prevent you from being able to contribute at this time, please get with us and we will problem-solve together.

So, please feel free to contact us any time, and let’s do this thing !

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