So, Who Wants a President That Has Faced Involuntary Psychiatric Care?

If you ever feel inclined to find dirt on me, I’ll make it easy for ya.

My wrongs and “wrongs” are well-documented without any payment gateways or barriers. No need to pay for a background check, unless you think I’m … Continue reading

Balancing the extremes (depolarizating perspectives)

When I am certain I am right, and someone else is wrong on a given issue or view…

I can know that this is an opportunity to learn about the bigger picture.

Democrats and Republicans often look at their views … Continue reading

The meaning of life (a reason for all the pain)

So, there I was again.

In that place.

Of torment and disgrace.

Otherwise known as America’s Best Inn in South Lansing, my own personal 1408. Motel hell.

I’ve holed myself up there at least three different times in years … Continue reading