Staying Afloat When You’re Not Sinking

For those who struggle with self-limiting coping behaviors like binge eating and anesthetic alcohol consumption.

It can be easy to understand coping poorly with a rough day of rejection, dejection, and mayhem.

It might be trickier to comprehend being triggered … Continue reading

The meaning of life (a reason for all the pain)

So, there I was again.

In that place.

Of torment and disgrace.

Otherwise known as America’s Best Inn in South Lansing, my own personal 1408. Motel hell.

I’ve holed myself up there at least three different times in years … Continue reading

Liberated living: edifying evidence

After averting a potentially catastrophic DXM reversion (“relapse”), I set out to build a brand new life. In Liberated Living, we’ll transform myths to truths, take down the stigmas associated with dependencies on self-limiting coping mechanisms (“addictions”) and review powerful Continue reading

Change your words, change your story, change your life

In the context of human beings, words are one of the most powerful self-generated wonders of the universe.

After being born, most people do not retain their memories until approximately age three.

That’s probably because it takes around three years … Continue reading