Staying Afloat When You’re Not Sinking

For those who struggle with self-limiting coping behaviors like binge eating and anesthetic alcohol consumption.

It can be easy to understand coping poorly with a rough day of rejection, dejection, and mayhem.

It might be trickier to comprehend being triggered … Continue reading

Transcending situational depression (building a life that works)

I’m depressed, and I know why.

Or I’ve got theories, anyway.

My theories aren’t always exactly aligned with reality…

But sometimes with life and depression, coming up with a working theory and playing with the variables is the best that … Continue reading

Balancing the extremes (depolarizating perspectives)

When I am certain I am right, and someone else is wrong on a given issue or view…

I can know that this is an opportunity to learn about the bigger picture.

Democrats and Republicans often look at their views … Continue reading