Staying Afloat When You’re Not Sinking

For those who struggle with self-limiting coping behaviors like binge eating and anesthetic alcohol consumption.

It can be easy to understand coping poorly with a rough day of rejection, dejection, and mayhem.

It might be trickier to comprehend being triggered … Continue reading

Transcending situational depression (building a life that works)

I’m depressed, and I know why.

Or I’ve got theories, anyway.

My theories aren’t always exactly aligned with reality…

But sometimes with life and depression, coming up with a working theory and playing with the variables is the best that … Continue reading

Why do we self-destruct?

Why do we self-destroy?

What possesses us to mistreat ourselves (and others) by route of excessive alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, sex, porn, gambling, Facebook, food, soda, video games, shopping, interpersonal drama, self-sabotage, isolation, external validation, deception, and delusion?

(If you do … Continue reading

Resolving family trauma with heartfelt communication

Perhaps those experiencing heated, inexplicable familial conflicts can see themselves somewhere in the following story, and find some healing insight into their own hidden wounds.

My mother recently remembered that my dad’s dad, who used to live with us when … Continue reading

The meaning of life (a reason for all the pain)

So, there I was again.

In that place.

Of torment and disgrace.

Otherwise known as America’s Best Inn in South Lansing, my own personal 1408. Motel hell.

I’ve holed myself up there at least three different times in years … Continue reading