Talking flowers

Prove it
Prove your point
and your loyalty
Prove your worth
Prove your strength
Prove dexterity
Your words sound like soup
An unfulfilling broth of scent
Take me up the ladder
of artificial augment
The validation that you seek
These lips give droves
From my fingers come the letters
that curl your toes
Flattery, artificial electricity
I’ll fill you up and take you down
Meet your needs artificially
Will you know the difference?
Will you see through me?
Will you question my intentions?
My sanity?
Fill me up
Rub me down
I’ll fill you
with my life unbound
There’s a rumor
that you’re lost
with a ransom
beyond cost
Don’t you dare accuse me
of inauthenticity
I am real, if I’m lyin’
then I’m certainly dyin’
Here come the flowers of truth
Here comes the fountain of youth
Talking bouquet, misunderstood
Because we beat the trials that we could
You are beautiful
I couldn’t make this up
You’re a sublime angel
You fill up my cup

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