The End of Retaliation (Slight Detour)

27 of 30 in a series called Overcoming Sexual Repression. No explicit content in this one.

I won’t lie.

Having my post reported a few days ago de-railed this project to a slight extent. Caused me to downshift gears.

See, I’m not writing these posts to shock and disgust people. Furthermore, believe it or nay, I do not enjoy catalyzing disgust in people.

I had assumed that me being transparent about my sexual misadventures would be relatable to most people, and that we could realize together that it is okay to relinquish shame and secrecy, and talk about the taboos until they lose their shroud of mystery. That’s my one and only core intention with this project.

Where I used to feel shame, I now feel freedom and gratitude.

To me, that’s beautiful. I like to share beautiful things with others.

But to some, my beauty is ugly.

We’re communicating over a great divide. The spirit of my words is distorted by a fading, encrypted transmission. We’re speaking to one another from distant worlds across time and space.

I try to listen, but I hear nothing.

I try to speak, and am censored by the very culture my heart wishes to see liberated.

Some say, just keep doing what I’m doing. Make no adjustments or apologies. Hatas be darned.

No one has to be darned, though.

Darning people to heck is so 2017.

My heart longs to build bridges and leave no one isolated or left behind.

Part of overcoming sexual repression means accepting sexual repression.

And yes, I am willing to bet that sexual repression is indubitably the reason someone reported me. Why else?

And I accept it. Whoever you are, I accept you.

I accept every variable that has contributed to the glorious and majestic entity that is you.

I accept your body. I accept your history. I accept your beliefs, your religion, and your sense of morality. I accept your disgust.

In fact, I celebrate everything that you are, unconditionally.

That’s why I’m here. That’s why I write this filth.

A new world is materializing.

Not only is everyone invited, but it’s everyone’s birthright.

No one left out.

We’re family. All of us.

No family gets left behind.

The new world transcends the ways of the old.

To bring about the new world, just live within the new ways and let the old ways fade away like a dream.

This is why I pause to adapt, accept, and understand, rather than give in to some notion that my next move should be to come up with the dirtiest, smelliest, most appalling sex story I can conjure.

The world of retaliation is done. It outserved its purpose ages ago. Let it die and be buried.

This is the world of connection. Of oneness. Of liberation. Unity. Wholeness.

Welcome to the world where everybody wins.

And where everybody gets laid, but only if they want to.

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