The Great U.S. Peaceful RevolUtion

Historically in the West, revolution is usually associated with conflict, blood, and domination by force.

Historians of the future will tell a new story, though, because right now a new kind of revolution is bubbling up to the surface of American consciousness.

The Great U.S. Peaceful RevolUtion is upon us, and its implications expand well outside the artificial boundaries of the United States of America.

This is a worldwide phenomena. An era of peace unlike anything in commonly-accepted recorded history is imminent.

This will seem like a miracle, but the cause for our forthcoming Utopia will be remarkably grounded in science, psychology, and sociology.

As humanity has accumulated knowledge over the ages, we’ve seen our technological and academic capacities increase at exponential rates. We’re able to accomplish great feats now that were simply considered impossible not long ago.

So, tell me. Why do you think it is that we’ve become so certain that we will never be able to apply our innovation, creative prowess, and problem-solving powers to transcend the grumbling vibrations of violence and bloodshed?

Is it because we know nothing else? Are we addicted to the carnage? Do we secretly (or not-so-secretly, depending on who you ask) long to sustain conflict, because we don’t know what we would do without it?

Compared with the advantages of global harmony, those reasons are piss-poor.
There are those who concede to the sickness that we know as the human condition, because they are waiting for God to save us. They think we’re helpless to make a lasting positive difference in the world, until the day Jesus comes down from the sky with a trumpet.

Please know, I am not mocking people who believe this.

I’ve come to terms with my relationship with God. I am a believer.

I am also a philosopher. A bridge-builder, with a life-long commitment to filling gaps between seemingly-disparate perspectives.

Could it be that the return of Christ won’t happen with a descent from the Heavens, but perhaps a rising up from within our hearts?

I am not asking anyone to believe what I believe. I’m just asking questions.

I’ve seen enough evidence during my journey, to believe that Heaven on Earth is not only possible, but inevitable. And that human beings are the key to its gates.

You don’t have to call it Heaven. You can just call it peace. Relaxation. Rejuvenation. Good times. Warm and fuzzy. Safe to keep your doors unlocked at night. No more disease. No more desperate greed, because everyone is taken care of and encouraged to be themselves.

This will be achieved through logical, scientific means. It’s cause and effect. Right now, there are a lot of causes that are producing unpleasant effects. Change the causes, change the effects.

I had a religious upbringing that I used to be bitter about. I am not bitter anymore. So, my inner child smiles when I call the new world Heaven.

You can call it whatever you want. You can call it BS. That changes nothing of the positive momentum building beneath the surface of our society. I truly believe that this momentum will only continue to accelerate. Once you see it happening and realize in your heart of hearts that it is real, I believe there won’t be much of a reason to cling to the old ways anymore.

And if I am wrong about any of this, I am OK with that. I am always open to adjust my perspective on things.

The HICKS/YOU 2020 U.S. Presidential Campaign was born on March 20, 1981, at 2:53 AM beneath a full moon in Lansing, Michigan.

It was also born at the exact time and place of your birth. You. The one reading this.
It was born on June 24, 1946. That’s President Trump’s birthday.

It was born on September 8, 1941. That’s Bernie Sanders’ date of birth.

It was born when your parents were born. And their parents. All the way back to the first human being.

It was born when a singular-celled organism divided into two.

It was birthed when chemicals exploded in space.

When God said, “Let there be Light,” and there was Light.

When the first Word was spoken.

This is everyone’s peaceful revolution.

From Shanghai, Stockholm, Berlin, and Tel Aviv.

From the windy streets of Chicago to the surreal markets of Tokyo. Moscow, Madrid, Amsterdam, The Gambia, Nigeria, Hollywood, Portland (Oregon, Michigan, Maine, and all the rest).

This peaceful revolUtion starts in U. In your heart. In your soul. In your everything.
If you’re feeling me, I am counting on you to spread the word. Spread the healing fire. The fire that doesn’t destroy. The fire that forges.

You matter. Your every thought matters, and your every word. Your every deed.
If you need help and support, please reach out to me. I’ll help you, and get you connected with the resources you need. As sentient life-forms on Earth, we’re all a family.

Ohana. No one in the family gets left behind.

Much love to you always,

Andrew L. Hicks

Also published on Medium.