The light inside that won’t ever die

And the world keeps telling you, over and over and over again, that you’re not alone.

As if your feelings of alienation are a character defect, a glitch, an undesirable batch of script.

This just further cements you into solitude. You seek a haven, a solace, a nirvana. To just be yourself and live your truth without the interference, the misunderstanding, the stigma, the double-standards.

You have worked hard on your path. And it’s yours. No one else has seen what you have seen on this journey. No one has earned your right to live your own truth, except you.

There’s no going back. No conceding or conforming to anything less than what you know to be valid and real.

They keep telling you you’re not alone. Then they push you away.

From their perspectives, you’re pushing them away.

Stalemate. End of line. Dead end. Game over. Insert quarter to continue. Rinse, lather, repeat. Attak/reload.

How can everyone win here? Many would say someone has to end up hurt. Or everyone.

That’s a presently typical way of looking at it. And boring. And lazy.

But you have yet to flip the script on it, at least more than fleetingly.

But you will. No. We will.

A wise woman once told me, “Just understand understanding.”

You’re not alone. But you have to face some of the darkest nights of your soul alone.

And that’s what ignites a light inside of you that’s never gonna die.

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