The Weight of Unbearable Pain

Right now, someone you know is hurting unbearably, and they feel so lost and hopeless that they don’t even know how to reach out and ask for help.

There is a very good chance that right now, someone you love is cutting their arms, numbing themselves raw with drugs or alcohol, or contemplating suicide.

Right now, you’re surrounded by need, some apparent and some invisible.

Maybe you aren’t just surrounded by it. Maybe you embody it.

Perhaps the one covered in blood is you. Perhaps you’re staring into the void right now. Perhaps you’re on the edge, ready to jump for real.

You might feel misunderstood and abandoned. Unworthy and useless. Broken and spent.

Or maybe you’re stable and full of life and hope. Maybe you’re at your peak. Maybe you feel unstoppable.

No matter how you’re doing as an individual, you remain affected by the collective. The weakest and most strung out life-form on planet Earth is a part of you. So is the boldest and strongest.

When you dream, you see different characters and environments. Yet you know that these are all parts of you. Every character and object is generated by your mind. If you dream of a beggar and a king, you know that these are both a part of you. If you dream of a snake eating a hen, you know that you are the snake, and you are the hen.

In so-called real life, we are all different characters and inhabit different environments. But every character and object is of the same mind. We are connected through that mind.

In so-called real life, every beggar and every king are one. Every hen and every snake. Every counselor and every addict.

There is no need for you to believe that, but I do.

So when someone out there is hurting, I see that as part of myself hurting.

When someone out there flourishes, part of me flourishes.

When I hurt and exploit others, I hurt and exploit myself.

When I lift others up, I too am empowered.

We’re surrounded by need. We embody that need. We are the need.

We are the void, and we are the substance that can fulfill it.

Look around you. Reach out to your loved ones. When you see an empty pain in a stranger’s eye, beam them a healing smile. Ask if they need to talk. Get the day, or their life, off their chest.

It all makes a difference. Every little bit.

Not just for the recipient of your kindness, but for everyone everywhere.

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