The Whispering Melody

The pendulum swings
While the firebird, she sings
If you know what I mean
Then get out of my dreams

Between the dirt and the rock
Between the bibles and glocks
The gold standard will shock
The warmth from the flock

Preachers and saints
So outwardly tame
Inside, their flame
Ignites endless pain

The loyal, the sinners
Despite all their slivers
By dawn they all shiver
In delight of the winter

Call me back, summon me
From the pinnacle of your feet
Call me on to victory
From the bowels of defeat
With the troops in their place
With their hearts full of grace
Rescind their insured fate
And put me back in my place

Up and down are inverted
The pure are perverted
The sick last the longest
While the free die in bondage

Inside is out
Backwards is forth
A matter of course
All paths flow to true north

The whispering melody
Inner vile symphony
Voices of prophecy
Calling for obscurity

Embracing the doubt
Courting the clout
Like wild, viscous dogs
With sweet, tender maws

See peace in my terror
See my eyes in the mirror
Find hope in displeasure
In pain there is treasure

The pendulum swings
The honeybee stings
If you know what I mean
You’re a part of my dream

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