Throw This Dog

Come on, oh shy one
Introversion is your sweet diversion
Come out, my low one
My heart beats so fast upon this excursion
Licking lips until they melt
Locking lies, the tightened belt
Customary hors d’oeuvres
Fire in my loins, it stirs
You have touched me
You have reached me
But you’re fading…

Come back, my little spark
In my arms you’ll find your health
We’ll build prisms and powers
We’ll make love for hours
Beneath the starry night sky
Where I used to ask, “Why?”

Baby, you’ve touched me
Baby, you’ve reached me
Baby, come place me
Baby, draw near me

Fear and fell are on your home
Ice cold children are alone
In mazes built to atone
Please throw this dog a bone…

Also published on Medium.