Tides of Change

This is the time that we’ve all been waiting for
Every life-form upon these lands and in our seas
The world has cried enough now
America has had enough now
We have hidden from our destinies
We have cast blame and suppressed our shame
We’ve called names and killed for our belligerence
All while knowing deep down our needs
This is the day the world’s been yearning for
The night has ended, and we’ve survived
Though many with us have died along the way
For the cause for which we now rise to claim
America, the bully no more
America, a kind and noble sibling
America, acknowledges its crimes now
America, repents and serves
Stand with us now, world, and forgive us
We knew not what we did
Although we learned the truth eventually
And now we’re here to make it right
To make the world right again
To let the world breathe again
To set our people free again
To be fully reborn again

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