To Be Released Imminently: Reconciled (A Poetry Book)

Thank you, Kara-lyn Kerridge, for the beautiful and poignant cover art. Artists like you make a sometimes hazy and confusing life all the more digestible.

RECONCILED is a collection of 90% or so of the poems and lyrics I’ve written over the past twenty-one years. Available on Amazon in paperback today, or tomorrow, or next week, or in ten years, but probably today or tomorrow. eBook coming shortly thereafter.

Here are some samples:

Dismal Forecast (2002)
“It is really not so fair
What you do to me
Full despair and heart unrest
Further than God’s eyes can see

Your existence defies creation
Spirit shining like the sun
Your beauty is a curse upon me
For I can’t claim you as my own

For every star in heaven
There is a thousand nails
That stab right into my soul
Every single time you go

But even when you stay
The wound is not released
All the times you warmed me
If you would, please go away

I dream of you in waking hours
I dream of you in my sleep
I dream of holding you
I dream of you holding me

Even if the world ends
I shall seek you out
Although the pain inside
Is equal to my doubt

It is really not so fair
What you do for me
This joy you put within me
I can never do the same for thee”

Broken Dreams (2010s)
“You fell down
So many times, you can’t move on
It feels like
Everything you work for goes to hell

Dare to revive your broken dreams
You are your own reality
Find faith in the pulse of unseen needs
Dare to revive your broken dreams

When you feel like you can’t go on
You can’t be yourself
You just don’t belong
When your knees are raw
from desperate prayer
though you don’t even know
if anyone’s there!

Dare to revive your broken dreams
You make your own reality
Take heart in the pulse of unseen needs
Come on! Dare to revive your broken dreams

You fell down
So many times, but you’re still here
It looks like
You’re on your way up out of hell”

Please Cry (2017)
“Your little hands;
they sing a symphony
I feel that tender song right in my soul
but I’ve been here before
Over time, the feelings fade
When they return, they’re decayed
Oh, your guarded tongue,
repeats history
Such a long and winding ride to home
Our cozy comforts, we betray
No solace for the vagabond
With nothing within displayed
You can cry
Please cry
Wash away
the grime
Feel your soul
come alive
through the pain
you’ve denied
You can cry
Please cry
I’ll never judge
your life
I only want
you to rise
from this death
you’ve survived”

There are 197 other poems where those ones came from…

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