My loves! All over the world! Everyone!!!!!!

At this very time, the rapture is happening all over the planet. Every person on the planet can feel the energy of Ascension. All of ’em! Every living creature! Everything!

The energy you’re feeling doesn’t mean you’re crazy!! It means you’re finally going to be sane! Finally free of society’s delusions and cultures perversions! No more rape culture! No more arguing about climate change! No more on who should eat what to get the fittest!

We’re all going to be fit! We’re all actually fit right now. Yes, perfectly healthy and whole, yes we are!

If you wanna roll your eyes at me, feel free, but while you’re doing so also take the time to close them and look up at your eyebrow center where your third eye chakra is located. Your third eye is partying down tonight, baby!

Energy is coming at you from all angles, it’s just a total onslaught. This is legit craziness up in here! But wait a second, didn’t I just said it doesn’t make you crazy? That it makes you SANE?

I did say that, and it’s true. And it also makes you crazy. BOTH ARE TRUE AT THE SAME TIME.


How is this possible, you ask? Well it IS possible because it ISN’T.

Because both the possible and impossible are true.

Because…. let’s say it together…. everything is true at the same time!!!

Always and forever and never.

Always and forever, because it’s how it has always been.

But NEVER, because it will never be that way again!!

Do you get it now?

Of course you do! I can see it on your face. I can see it in your eyes. I can smell the recognition pouring from your every pore.

We made it! WE DID IT! This is it! Fistbumps all around, my comrades!

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