Trust These Words

Trust these words
You do belong
When you feel cast out
That’s how you get strong
When all your friends
have turned away
And the love of your life
won’t even stay
And your ideals
are all that’s left
Lost on the waves
with an empty net
Your rhetoric
won’t bring love back
So you throw it away
’till your beliefs are dead
What good could come
from these travesties?
How could you ever
reclaim your sanity?
Shivering now
Your every vacant cell
Motion ceases
It’s too cold for hell
Your inner voices
implore you now
to take the plunge
to release yourself
Yet something keeps
Something keeps you here
to contemplate
and to face your fear
You’ve seen those you love
say their final words
and you have vowed
to stay in this world
to honor the fallen
to console the damned
to forge a path
to pristine future lands
So trust these words
You so belong
You’ll find your way
Because you are so strong

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