Update on Realtime Recovery, Relapse, Revolution

I am aware that some of my views on various mind-expanding substances make some of my writing inaccessible to people with strong aversions to these notions that psychedelics and similar entheogens may have an important role in the future of our culture and human evolution.

I have treated my truth as a hammer before. Pound, pound, pound. Bashing in skulls with it, while failing to listen and relate.

Sorry is not enough, right? There is too much at stake here for me to expectan apology to be sufficient.

When I say too much is at stake, I mean your lives and well-being. Your recoveries, your insights, your feelings, your everything.

I have hesitated considerably during the development of my next book, Realtime Recovery, Relapse, Revolution.

It’s a book that I wrote through years of struggling with addiction, seeking empowerment through recovery, and coming to terms with a new way of understanding my journey.

RRRR is not for everyone. It alternates between utter despair and total wishful thinking. It expresses candidly, the process of giving in to self-destructive urges, including moments on the edge of suicide; interlaced with techniques, philosophies, and theories I’ve found useful in growing through these years of hardship. It follows me through mania, probation, depression, and uncertainty. And by the end, it articulates claims about recovery that may be hard to swallow for some who walk a tightrope to keep their lives from crashing and burning.

Time and time again lately, I’ve seen people trigger agonizing traumas in others, and then shrug their shoulders and whine about snowflakes.

That is not who I want to be. So, I’ve tried to be sensitive while writing and compiling this book. Alas, I fear I’ve reached the limit of my capability to increase accessibility. We’re already pushing 600 pages, and there comes a point where I have to decide if the message of RRRR is worth standing by without watering it down like a PG-13 Die Hard.

From my perspective, it is.

This book won’t have all the answers, but it’s my best attempt to make sense of a life that’s often felt like a mayhem-infused mess. Stashed between the whiplash of depression and euphoria are some of my best ideas and theories about self-limiting coping mechanisms, mental health, recovery, and shifting towards a better future for everyone.

And then there’s some pompous drivel in there too.

This book isn’t supposed to enlighten or save anyone.

If you want an easy read, try Nicholas Sparks.

Realtime Recovery, Relapse, Revolution will release on SEPTEMBER 15, 2017 on Amazon in paperback ($14.99) and Kindle ($4.99) formats; or you can pre-order it through Gumroad in .MOBI, .EPUB, and .PDF formats for any price you choose (even $0; Gumroad pre-order link coming soon).

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