Utopian Loveseat

Another tear shed for the world
Another bruise on the innocent
Lacerated through collective psyche
On this melancholic Tilt-a-whirl
You say that hope is for blind fools
Echoing the media’s endless twists
Suppressed by thine neurons appetized
By eternal chains of tired, bloodshot eyes

If you think it’s all over
I truly cannot blame you
If you’re sure we’re in stalemate
I hear and I feel you
If you ever wonder
What is taking so long?
If you’re going to press the button
Just do it right now

But, you see
I think there is a reason
that we’re still here
And, I know
that we can make love
out of our fear
And, I vow
unto my dying day
to be your blindest fool
Because from hope,
I’ll never stray

It is raining fire
as the oceans become deserts
The sky is brown and red
Our tallest towers kneel in rubble
And every ego trip
And all the money that we gripped
Of all the elephants and asses
And televised second chances
None mattered in the end
if that’s the vision you defend
gripped by fear and hatred
You create it but you hate it

That is not the future
Not the future that I see
The vision shining in my heart
of Utopian harmony
The true home of the brave
is this rock from which we stand
In every corner of the world
In every city, cave, and land
This hope that lives in me
is not blind, I swear to you
This is the resolve I have earned
Through years of heartbreak through and through
So don’t undermine my pain
And I won’t undermine your rage
Let us combine our greatest features
and synergize the human race

The sky is clear and blue
and the oceans teem with life
We breathe in the freshest air
and put aside our painful longings
And just relax into a groove
of warmth and love in all surroundings
We barely speak of old ordeals
except in our darkest comedies
We all work hand-in-hand
doing what we’re made for
We step further down the path
The evolution we were born for

Just imagine for a moment
Trump and Sanders on a loveseat
Bernie’s priceless grin
As Donald cranks out some tweet
Those two share a cozy quilt
A patchwork of all the flags in the world
Stitched together as a thank you gift
from a family in North Korea
You may say it’ll never happen
and maybe you are right
But I choose to hold this vision
To practice love with all my might

And you
You’re invited too
Of course, you
It wouldn’t be the same
Without you
So, come on
Let’s go
Let’s do

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